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DPAs Intro 2 (2014)

This is the second of two video interviews Nick conducted with JMW solicitors in 2014. Here, he discusses the potential costs associated with Deferred Prosecution Agreements and some of the policy issues behind them.

DPAs Intro 1 (2014)

In 2014, Nick was asked by JMW solicitors to discuss the background to and terms of Deferred Prosecution Agreements which had then only recently been introduced into UK practice. This first video defines what such agreements are and predicts how they might be utilised in corporate criminal investigations moving forward.

Webinar July 2020 - Legal and Risk Considerations when conducting Internal Investigations

In a collaboration between Outer Temple Chambers' Business Crime & Regulation Team and EY, Nick was a contributing panellist at this webinar held on 29th July 2020, which discussed the following hypothetical scenario concerning a multi-jurisdidctional internal investigation:


Hypothetical Scenario


·      Cambridge Global is headquartered in the UK and specialises in the manufacture of protection equipment, including PPE for global pandemics. In 2018, it acquired a US competitor, Miami PPE Inc.


·      Soon after the acquisition, Cambridge became aware that Miami had an exclusive distribution agreement in Nigeria with Lagos Protection. Miami would also transfer 35% of net invoiced sales by LP into an Isle of Man bank account. LP’s boss, Dan Covid, apparently used the money in the account for what he called ‘special payments’ and ‘prof ed’, said to be standard practice in a number of emerging markets and essential in maintaining relationships with senior managers, who influenced hospitals and other institutions in their purchases PPE.


·      Rather than cut its ties with LP and Mr Covid, in 2019 Cambridge senior management decided to instruct a commercial and financial director, both ex-Miami employees, to go to Nigeria to negotiate and structure the purchase of the distributor LP and to retain Mr Covid as a consultant for 3 years. The new Nigerian distribution arm is called Cambridge LP.


·      Within a few months, Reggie Right, a Cambridge employee, reports internally that Mr Covid is still bribing purchasing managers.